Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

Exquisite Bliss
Bali Retreat

January 20- 25, 2019
A Healing Retreat:MST
with special guest Henrietta Hadley

Bali Retreat
2018 - 2019

Imagine taking a time out from your day-to-day stresses and saving yourself from exhaustion.

Imagine having the sacred space to heal your heart and a few of life's challenges.

Come with me to Bali.

You will experience an amazing soul journey, deep rest and a peace of mind. Enjoy this tropical paradise, and be gently transformed in a world of bliss.

Experience Exquisite Bliss
in Bali with Tonya Anderson

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

Be Courageous

It takes courage to follow your heart to Bali, however, you will be richly rewarded.

With Tonya's gentle expertise, you will be lovingly guided through meditative and experiential workshops designed to improve the quality of your life and relationships. exquisitely creating more bliss in your life.

Experience Exquisite Bliss
in Bali with Tonya Anderson

Obey Your Heart

We will provide excellent care for your mind, body and soul, with special attention paid to obeying your heart.

Sometimes a woman needs to be pampered, nurtured and learn new life skills to heal and grow. This retreat is designed to help you move from exhaustion to joy, from joy to bliss.

Experience Exquisite Bliss
in Bali with Tonya Anderson

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat
Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

Experience Exquisite Bliss
in Bali with Tonya Anderson

We are truly blessed and excited to share with you a transformational retreat of a lifetime in Ancient Bali. The Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat is 5 soul-filled days and 6 luxurious nights, spent being pampered.

Your heart will rejoice and your spirit will find a sense of home and peace in the chaos of this world.

This retreat is for you if you need the time, space and guidance to :
Rejuvenate because you are hanging by a thread and feel like you may die, if you don't change something in your life. Need to create a new improved relationship with your self and life. willing to learn to learn the power of soul resiliency and the ability to move beyond resiliency.Love to wash away as much trauma, grief, and sadness as possible in the ancient temple waters. Are transitioning to a new chapter in your life.Longing to feel completely nourished, rested and renewed in your femininity. Ready to commit to wholeheartedly creating more bliss, peace, love and joy in your life. Would love to bask in tropical luxury and excellent self care.Enjoy the ancient treasures and mysteries of Bali.Willing to transform your life in the most exquisite peaceful way with a group of old and friends.
The Exquisite Bliss Retreat will provide for you all of your needs while in Bali to include: Lodging, Meals, Spa Appointments, Transportation to and from Airport, and much more. Lovely exquisite surprises.

All you have to do is say YES! YES! YES!

The January 20, 2019 retreat will be focused on the challenges, traumas and heartbreaks of military life. If this retreat calls to you, then it is for you. We will speak your same language, share similar experiences.
Please contact Tonya for the price for this retreat. There is a special pricing for this retreat due to the specialization and needed resources.

You will be provided with life enhancing skills and resources to heal your mind, body and soul from life's battles. Tonya knows military life inside and out from growing up on West Coast military bases, attending the U.S Naval Academy, marrying a U.S.Marine and attending military funerals of loved ones. She will use her training and life experiences to help you navigate your life from heartbreak to bliss.

We will also be visiting an Balinese healer and volunteering an afternoon in the community.

Let go of your worries and be lead on a beautiful transformational experience of a lifetime.

We provide excellent care for your mind, body and soul, with special attention paid to obeying your heart.

It takes courage to follow your heart to Bali, however, you will be richly rewarded.

You will experience an amazing soul journey, indulge in nourishing food, enjoy a gorgeous tropical room, and be gently transformed into a world of bliss.

Your participation will also include online support via our Facebook support group, and two group calls before and after the retreat to ease transitions and provide emotional support.

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

About Tonya Anderson

Tonya Anderson is a mindfulness therapist, inspirational speaker, and founder of An Exquisite Life. She helps people resolve stress/trauma and frees them to live a life with mindfulness, peace, renewed joy and passion.

Tonya’s experience is drawn from her life experiences, spiritual teachings and clinical mental health counseling education. She assists her clients in navigating their stress to create a healthier, more balanced life and enjoy healthy relationships.

She takes her clients from stress/ post trauma to a state of resiliency and beyond, in a peaceful, gentle way through fun and fascinating experiential exercises, and meditation.

She facilitates retreats to allow her clients the time, luxury and sacred space to create the most effective meditative and restorative process for your mind, body and soul.

She uses a gentle reality based therapy approach to allow her clients’ natural internal healing instincts to be restored and renewed. Their internal guidance then leads them to their exquisite lives.

She travels the world giving inspirational speeches, workshops, and retreats on bliss, joy and the sacredness of life. She lives her Exquisite Life in the Pennsylvania wilds.

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

Reserve Your Place in Bali

Retreat Registration Details

The cost for this Exquisite Bliss 5-day experience is $2,880. A $500 deposit is required. Payments will be coordinated with Tonya Anderson.

Your fee Includes a single room with a private bath, meals, lodging, experiential exercises, spa treatments, excursions and airport transfers.

Airfare and Travel Insurance is not included , however, it is required. You will need to forward travel itinerary and travel insurance to facilitator prior to departure for Bali.

IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL (please don’t, you won’t want to miss this) an administrative fee of $500 is NON-REFUNDABLE so please be sure you can attend.

If you do need to cancel and if we can fill your place, we will refund everything minus the $500 administrative fee up to four weeks before the event. If you cancel within four weeks, refund details will be case by case. Win/Win for all.

Sri Ratih Cottages are set in lush surroundings on the edge of Ubud. Set amongst the rice paddy fields of Penestanan, Sri Ratih Cottages features a charming secluded Balinese hotel with large garden offering a haven of peace and tranquility. Enjoy the soothing moment while plunging in the Sri Ratih Cottages swimming pool surrounded by the tropical garden and viewing the art-stage. Spend your time experiencing a range of delicious foods in the restaurant overlooking the garden.

Bali consists of thousands of islands with diverse cultures make up Indonesia. As you can imagine, the food is wonderfully different, also. You don't want to miss out on sampling the variety. The food is exquisite in Bali, and exploring wonderful restaurants is a blissful experience.

The Balinese have a rich collection of snacks, cakes and desserts, so you will eat well. Exotic selections are available and all diets are honored with our selection of meals.

One of our favorite restaurants in Ubud, Bali, is Clear Cafe, one of several we’ll be visiting while in Bail.

Clear Cafe is representative of the finer establishments, and uses all-natural ingredients from local Balinese farmers.
"At Clear they believe that energy can be transferred through food, so it’s very important how its chef and kitchen staff are feeling.
That is why they pride themselves on laughing, playing, and having a good time while preparing your food, so that it may be charged with life".
Life enhancing meals will be shared. If you wish to eat on your own with out the qroup, this will be at your expense.

I love Singapore Airlines and fly out of New York City, Kennedy for the best rates. I have seen as low as $499 and have spent as much as $1,600 for a plane ticket. Keep you eye out for best rates by signing up for the fare alerts. I have had the best rates by signing up directly with the airline.

Here is a link to Singapore Flights

Here is a link to Passport Information

Please plan all sightseeing, Bali excursions and travel before or after the retreat.

Call Tonya Anderson 570-916-1135 Please email Tonya Anderson with questions .

Please use the PayPal.me link below to submit your payment. Simply click on the item below to get started on PayPal's secure web server, fill in the amount, and click NEXT.

Exquisite Bliss Bali Retreat

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